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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


BlogTalkRadio is the world’s largest and most influential social radio network with thousands of talented experts hosting shows on every kind of topic — from politics and current affairs, entertainment and sports to health and finance.

BlogTalkRadio’s patented technology enables hosts to interact with thousands of listeners who want to share their insights and opinions.
The rise and ever-increasing success of podcasts confirms that audio is now a hugely important media format. In fact, BlogTalkRadio is the world’s largest producer of podcasts. Attracting a very significant audience of more than 18 million unique visitors per month,
 BlogTalkRadio is the platform of choice for people who want to participate in or listen to a good conversation.interactive audio technology solutions,
BlogTalkRadio makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to produce high-quality broadcasts and share them online. All you need is a phone and a computer to get started.
Whether it’s a one-way podcast or a live radio show, BlogTalkRadio’s innovative technology, rapidly growing radio network, and comprehensive support services provide everything an individual or business needs to effectively communicate to and engage with their target audience


Simple Setup: Broadcast live in minutes from anywhere
 Easy Sharing: Auto-post to Facebook & grow your brand
 Podcast Archiving: No need to store your files
No fancy equipment or podcasting software needed - just a phone, a computer and your unique perspective!